What we invest in

We focus on early-stage investments in the mobility technology sector, a multi-trillion revenue growth market over the next decades.

We mainly invest in software, AI /machine learning, and data driven business models in attractive markets with significant growth potential that disrupt how people and goods move from A to B.

Our ‘home’ is the Series A with initial investments typically in the range of €1-5m. We mainly invest in Europe and look for companies that will be the leaders in the transition to a more climate-friendly, efficient, and safer future.

Our edge

We bring decades of experience across tech, auto, investments, and operations, making us a value-added partner to founders in this vast and complex industry.

Our deep understanding of the mobility and tech industries drives us to back bold visions of company founders, and to support them to accelerate the disruptive impact of their new technology in the global marketplace.

Our global network in the mobility and tech industries enables our founders to identify and connect with the right industrial partners, creating the pathway to commercialization.

Our experience in supporting companies from raising their first external capital to going public via an IPO, as well as growing businesses ourselves, allows us to empower founders to optimize their strategic alternatives throughout the lifecycle of their growth journey.

The opportunity

Mobility experiences fundamental transformation, and the changes will be as significant as the introduction of the automobile at the beginning of the last century.

New mobility is influenced by changes in technology and regulation, but also by shifts in demographics and consumer preferences. The forces driving this industry transformation process include connectivity, automation, sharing and electrification.

The global mobility industry is vast and growing, and represents a significant share of the overall economy.  Billions of people and goods move daily.  New technology, new market entrants, and new business models will penetrate all segments of this ecosystem.