• Road safety [UN SDG 3.6]

    A significant number of people are injured or killed in the process of people or goods being moved from A to B. At VEKTOR Partners, we are excited by the opportunity to invest in technologies that reduce harmful incidents over time, on the level of the individual, vehicles or the environment in which they operate.
  • Pollution [UN SDG 3.9]

    Global climate change is one of the main threats to humankind. We invest in mobility technologies that contribute positively to the world’s urgent need to reduce emissions and pollution affecting the health of urban populations and harming our planet in unprecedented ways.
  • Founder diversity [UN SDG 5]

    Venture Capital funding still shows a strong bias toward male founders or founding teams. Female-led start-ups exhibit significant potential for future growth, given their relative under-representation. We value founder teams with a diverse composition, both in terms of gender and ethnicity.
  • Accessibility [UN SDG 11]

    Transportation is a core pillar of economies and society around the world. As of today, many still lack access to affordable and sustainable transportation. We believe that technology can lower the barriers to entry and contribute to democratizing transport of people and goods around the world.

ESG Policy