July 7, 2020

Our partnership with Peregrine Technologies: Using AI to help machines perceive the world as humans do

Traffic is a highly complex environment for pedestrians, drivers, and vehicles. Telematics and sensors allow the collection of valuable data about a traffic participant and its surroundings. Tracking a vehicle’s driving pattern only tells half the story – the real questions that are much harder to answer are: why a vehicle was held up, why a driver took certain actions, or why a situation was avoided or led to an incident. The vast amount of data that need to be analyzed to make behavioral observations and recommendations require novel technological approaches and products.

To address this need, Steffen Heinrich, Jorit Schmelzle and Naja von Schmude founded Peregrine Technologies in Berlin in 2019. After spending the early part of their careers in research and with automotive technology leaders such as Bosch, TomTom, and Volkswagen, today they concentrate on developing next-generation technology for real-time traffic and video analysis, using new approaches to artificial intelligence, and targeting use-cases both inside and outside of the vehicle.

Vektor Partners are proud to support the Peregrine team on their journey. Since our initial conversations, we have been impressed by the clarity of their vision and achievements to date. What has struck us the most, however, is their focus on real commercial applications that can deliver in the near and medium term. At Peregrine, two things have come together: first, a real passion for AI and robotics, capitalizing on the team’s expertise in perception and trajectory planning technology. Second, the founders’ shared experience in the automotive industry. With a solid understanding of their end-market and how successful product development works in a highly regulated and safety-conscious industry, the Peregrine team is developing value-added analytical solutions for a range of applications, including for the insurance and fleet operating sectors.

Significant R&D investments are flowing globally into the field of connected vehicles, with much channeled into advanced driver assistance systems and virtual driver modules, the benefits of which will only start to be harvested near the end of this decade. Today’s vehicles, however, still have limited capabilities to gather and share information from visual or other sensors. Peregrine’s solutions distinguish themselves by not requiring expensive additional hardware. With lean design and optimized for use on low-specification systems, their platform allows applications to be created that are immediately relevant to commercial fleet operators, insurance providers, and the mobility services sector. Peregrine offers a full SDK solution, allowing car makers and system suppliers to ultimately integrate its technology in their vehicle platforms – therefore serving a market that includes both retrofit solutions and OEM production. We believe that Peregrine Technologies is well placed to become a successful disruptor in the automotive technology space.

About Vektor Partners

At Vektor Partners we invest in the mobility revolution. The world of transportation is undergoing dramatic changes – we partner with company founders that lead these changes. From Berlin and Palo Alto we are positioned to invest in the opportunities emerging in an industry that is seeing significant disruption.

About Peregrine Technologies

At Peregrine Technologies we empower companies to build a safer and more sustainable mobility ecosystem for all using video analytics. We aspire to become an industry leading AI and computer vision software company. Our GDPR compliant video analytics solutions help machines to perceive the world as humans do.