The 'big disruption' is imminent

Mobility is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. 

The changes will be as significant as the introduction of the automobile at the beginning of the last century. 

This transformation is accelerating rapidly and will unfold over the next decades. 


Driving forces

New mobility is influenced by changes in technology and regulation, but also by shifts in demographics and consumer preferences.

The forces driving this industry transformation process include connectivity, automation, sharing and electrification.

Alternative powertrains have already reached a inflection point and will replace the combustion engine over time.

Attractive markets

The global mobility industry is vast and growing, and represents a significant share of the overall economy.

Billions of people and goods move daily. New technology, new market entrants, and new business models will penetrate all segments of this ecosystem.

At Vektor Partners we identify opportunities in attractive end markets with significant growth potential and where the forces driving this industry transformation disrupt the status quo.

New mobility is safer and more efficient

Technology and new market participants will play a significant role as the industry’s focus shifts from manufacturing vehicles to providing services, and as stakeholders and infrastructure become more interconnected.

New market segments have emerged that are key to the development of next generation mobility products and services for consumers and businesses.

At Vektor Partners we take a deep analytical look at these areas of opportunity and identify the promising solution providers for the future of transportation.

  1. Autonomous driving technology
  2. Vehicle electronics & software
  3. Data services & security
  4. Multi-modal mobility services
  5. Predictive maintenance
  6. Vehicle sales and fleet operations
  7. Logistics and freight forwarding
  8. Electrification & charging
  9. Smart city solutions

New mobility is greener

Today’s transportation sector significantly contributes to global emissions. New mobility will make moving people and goods from A to B more sustainable over time.

Alternative powertrains are a key element for a greener future, with a proliferation of battery electric and fuel cell solutions placing environmentally friendly alternatives into the hands of consumers.

At Vektor Partners we seek investments that develop technology to create a sustainable future and that achieve a sustainable environmental footprint.